king of the road, water damage in slider

jim hunt

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i have a 1990 king of the road 5r and i need some help with understanding how the slider (damaged from water)is constructed and how to replace the plywood floring ,also how the alluminum siding is attached starting at the bottom (outside). thanks


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king of the road, water damage in slider

Its going to be a job. First you must remove the facia board around the inside of the slide. pull slide in and remove all the screws from the brackets on what would be the outside of the slide and then remove the brackets. Then find the plugs that hide the screws on the facia board and remove them and the screws that they cover. Remove the facia board. slide the unit out until it clears the walls supporting it with sawhorses and 4x4s. Remove the slideout mechanism from the slideout room and slide it in. Now comes the hard part. Lay the room outside wall up and remove the floor. Install a new floor with rodant barrier and reverse the above operations. Should take about a week with no help. As far as the siding, it is usually attached with staples but the KOR of that year has a steel plate about 12 inches wide that is attached with screws.