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December 10, 2002

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Kingsley Coach Announces Delivery of Mobile Medical Coach Carrying PET Scanner Distributed by Hitachi Medical Systems America, Inc.

MIDDLEBURG, PA, December 10, 2002, Kingsley Coach, Inc. (KNGS:OTCBB) is pleased to announce that it has delivered the first Medical Coach resulting from its relationship with Hitachi Medical Systems America, Inc. (HMSA). Delivery of the high tech Medical Coach to a radiology group practice in Lakeland, Florida will provide the area with an out–patient mobile imaging center.

HMSA is a distributor for CPS Innovations, a leading manufacturer of PET imaging systems. CPS Innovations has been responsible for the development of many of the major commercial innovations in Positron Emission Tomography (“PET”) technology. Kingsley Coach has been working closely with HMSA and CPS Innovations to produce a mobile PET unit, such as the one recently delivered to Lakeland. Kingsley Coach’s understanding with HMSA contemplates that the new Medical Coach will be marketed jointly at industry trade shows in the near future.

The Kingsley Medical Coach is the result of 18 months of engineering and planning to develop the first medical unit platformed on a class “8” chassis. The delivery of this first unit carrying the SceptreXLäPET scanner and HMSA’s exclusive AVIAä workstation with fusion7Dä software, introduces the Company into the $400 million Mobile Medical Market. Kingsley Coach anticipates completing production over the next 60 days of another Medical Coach.

Ralph Dickenson, CEO of Kingsley Coach, stated: “We expect there will be a strong market demand for our Medical Coaches. Our ability to offer customized mobile solutions in concert with leaders in the mobile medical industry will provide our customers superior quality at competitive pricing. In the future, we intend to expand beyond the PET market by offering coaches that can transport other types of technologically advanced medical equipment, such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Cardiac Catheterization Labs, and CT Scanning. The ability of the Kingsley Coach to safely carry motion-sensitive equipment over all types of road conditions makes the vehicle an ideal platform for the mobile medical industry.“

About CPS Innovations
CPS Innovations is focused on developing a new generation of products that will set a new standard of performance in the molecular imaging industry.

About Hitachi Medical Systems America, Inc.
Hitachi Medical Systems America, Inc. (HMSA), located in Twinsburg, Ohio markets advanced diagnostic medical imaging products to meet a variety of healthcare needs and has more than 1,200 Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems installed throughout the United States and over 2,500 worldwide. HMSA first established a leadership position in the medical industry with Open MRI systems and has expanded their modality offerings to include direct digital radiography, positron emission tomography, ultrasound and optical topography.

About Kingsley Coach
Kingsley Coach, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom and standard recreational and specialized vehicles using a semi-truck chassis. The Company has manufactured and sold Kingsley Coaches since 1996. For more information on the Company, please visit

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