kitchen faucet replacement

Can we replace the hand pump type faucet in our Coleman popup with a regular kitchen/bath type faucet from Lowes? Any reason why this would not work? We have no holding tanks and connect to city water.



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Re: kitchen faucet replacement

As long as there is room to place it there it should work. Might want to be sure your plumbing fittings are the proper size but they are on most RVs that have a tank and a water pump. Of course, keep in mind that would give you a double faucet and only cold water, unless you install a water heater as well. Of course, that too could be done if there is room.
Re: kitchen faucet replacement

And, Kirk's post reminded me, if you put a double faucet in there ...

... either hook up both valves, or ...

... plug one of the valves.

Someone (I will not name names) might turn both valves on and run water down under (and I don't mean Australia, either!) :eek:
Re: kitchen faucet replacement

No reason why you can't do it (see other replies for cautions) just make sure that your lines are flexable enough if you have the fold down cabinet.
Re: kitchen faucet replacement

Thanks everyone for the replies. We'll be working on it this weekend and making sure we plug up one side. Will let you know how things turn out.