Know anything about removing carpeting?

I recently purchased a 1984 Honey RV. I would like to tear up the carpeting in it, but it appears to go under everything (appliances, bathroom door, etc.) in the RV, making it seem impossible for me to do myself.

Does anyone know how I might tear the carpeting up? or do I need to get a professional?
Know anything about removing carpeting?

Probably back then, like now, the floor is put down and everything is installed on top of it. All you can do is cut around all the cabinets and remove the old carpet. I would then lay it on the new flooring and use it as a template to cut the new to fit. Then you will have to trim the edges with some type of corner molding. Good luck.


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Know anything about removing carpeting?


You won't need a pro... you have all of us to help!! Like Grandview said, the carpet and vinyl flooring go down first and everything goes on top. So, get down low to the floor and see where the walls or cabinets meet the carpet. You will see a rubber or vinyl piece between the whatever and the floor, it kind of acts as a gasket?? Anyway get your razor knife out and put a brandy new blade in it and cut away the gasket and carpet. Go into the bathroom and disconnect the water feed line to the toilet and remove the 2 or few bolts that hold the toilet to the floor. The two I have done had rubber gaskets unlike the wax ring a house toilet has. Remove the toilet and cut out that piece of flooring. Use a flat bar to push the remaining piece out from under the wall. Before you do any thing else, get a piece of lattice or plywood the same width of the space between the wall and sub floor. This way the wall doesn't move around later or squeak or squeal. I use household vinyl flooring and glue instead of carpet just to keep the mildew factor down. Cut the new floor to fit and glue it down using a 1/4" grooved trowel. I went right over the toilet hole and cut out the hole after the glue set up. Once the pieces are in place use Phenoseal(this is a brand is the best!) caulking to do the edges. It will keep the floor from roling up or getting water behind it.

I think that is it. There may be some pictures of what i did in my little picture site under the prowler tag and shasta tag.

Let us know how you make out. We always enjoy pictures too!