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I have recently purchased the Kodiak 214. I was told that my bunk end canvas (tent), everyone calls it something different. Has a warranty of 1 year. But other owners, have told me it is 3 years. I am quite currious, to know what other owners of the Kodiak 214 have been told. My other concern, condsidering I live in Canada, is the problem of condensation. Have you been informed in how to correct this problem, or how to avoid it, other than leave the windows open on a cold night. Is there something we can spray on, like you would for a regular tent, that would not void your warranty, whatever that may be. I love the trailer, for the layout. But I also want to know what my warranty actually covers. I have searched the websites for the Kodiaks, but they don't tell you much. I would feel more at ease hearing it from other owners.
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RE: Kodiak 214

When we had our pop up we bought a small fan and kept it running all the time. It kept the air moving and we didn't have a problem. Of course you're going to get some amount of moisture but it helped alot.Our 5th wheel has a ceiling fan and we have that on all the time also.


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Re: Kodiak 214

The best thing to do is read the paperwork you recieved with the unit. All warranty info is in there. Also you can contact the manufacturer for clarification. But what you get in written form holds up in court.