Kurt equalizer/sway bar assembly question

Hey again all, thanks for the discussion on my 2002 ram quad 4x4(yes, I did buy it) I now need to get the equalizer/sway bar/brake controller put on. I have a quote from the RV dealer where I bought the trailer on a Reese setup($650 installed) and another quote at an independant dealer...United Hitch($400 installed) for a Kurt. Huge price swing for what I the layman see as very similar setups. I have an appointment tomorrow to have the Kurt put on. Is there a quality or reliability difference on these hitches or should I assume that its just a matter of higher shop rates with the RV techs. At United Hitch, this is all they do. I want to do this right the first time. Thanks for any information, Paul.
Re: Kurt equalizer/sway bar assembly question

We sell the Reese systems mostly. They have several and you have not stated which you are pricing. The base new round bar retails for 402.00 in 500, 750 or 1,000lb. bars. If you are quoting the Straight Line system, your 650.00 is in the ball park. I have not sold one for a while, so not sure. Straight Line incorporates sway control. For the round bar system, you would need to add around 68.00 for a friction bar.

I recently got set up with Kurk. Have not sold many of them, but seem OK.

Just remember, Reese started all this YEARS ago, and everyone has copied them.
Re: Kurt equalizer/sway bar assembly question

Thanks, I did go with the Kurk and it looks fine. I will be putting the brackets on tomorrow and wondering how do you know how far up the "A" on the trailer they go or is it a matter of lining up the bars and basiclly a visual and of course making sure they are the same distance on each side. Also, the darn propane tanks cover seems to sit where they should go. Trial and error is fine until I get them just right but if there is a trick or best way or the dreaded "make sure you don't" scenerio, I would appreciate the info. Thanks, Paul.
Re: Kurt equalizer/sway bar assembly question

The brackets you mention are called snap ups. They should be mounted the same distance from the coupler on each side and where the chains are vertical. Tanks are very often moved.
Good Luck