Lake Fairfax Park, Fairfax VA ???

Has anyone camped at Lake Fairfax Park??? It's in a pretty congested area (Metro DC) and I'd like to know opinions on camping there. Daughter #3 is having a baby boy the Friday after Labor Day and lives just a few miles from the Park. We'd be able to be close, visit the hospital, see the new grandson etc.
TIA for any feedback
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I've never camped there, but I am a DC native! Yes, if you can maneuver around the traffic, I'm sure it's a good place to be. Maybe they have a Website?
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Hello all via wi-fi from Lake Fairfax Park. We made it (only 90 miles from home for our first adventure. I know, we're a pair of weenies). It was 90 miles full of adventure as the rains plagued us the entire way. A car stopped short in front of us and I was VERY glad for the ABS brakes on the F-150. So far, the AS is a BIG hit with both me and wife.

We're already talking about how much we'll be using it over the next couple of years and how nice it will be to upgrade to maybe a 28'.

We got alot of advice from a family member who's done alot of RV'ing and have found very few things that we needed to buy once we got here. (Note to self: Flyswatters are important).

As for the park, it's a beautiful setting right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of Northern Virginia. Campground A (the only one open after Labor Day) has 30 amp service to a number of the sites BUT NO WATER at the sites . There is fresh water available near the bathhouse but with the small capacities of our 22' AS, we'll need to make several trips there during the week to DUMP and REFILL. The Camp Store closes on Labor Day but there are grocery stores, TARGET stores and a Home Depot all within about 10 minutes from the park.
The bath house is clean and the park appears well maintained overall. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, there is a REALLY nice water park within the park. Prices are $13/day for adults and $11/day for kids.

Well, that's about all for now.

By the way, we've named the Airstream. It is now Arvin (as in RV'in).

DL Rupper

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Hey FordTruck, thanks for the update. Glad it worked out well for you. If you upgrade to 28' AS you might need to upgrade your truck to a 3/4 ton. Not sure what a 28' AS weighs, but I suspect it isn't real light. My son, has a Ford F-150 with a small V-8 and I don't think it is up to heavy towing. For a Dodge CTD person, I will say his F-150 is a nice pickup.
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Hi DL,
Thanks for the encouragement. I've thought about moving to the f-250 but can handle the Airstream International CCD 28' and Safari SE 28' without maxing out the F-150 (both with GVWR of 7300). That would be great since I really like the truck and don't want to get to the harsher ride of the 3/4 ton.