larger kitchen counters & fewer beds? etc. etc.

I'm seeking a used RV (approx. $5,000 to $10,000) for purpose of keeping in my back yard for occasional temporary guests (not for traveling) & it should have a more "livable" kitchen than most of the RV's I've seen thus far on the www.

Question is, do any used, inexpensive, RV's with my below requirements exist anywhere?

It should NOT have teeny counters, NOR cramped drawer/cabinet space.
It should have a refrigerator + freezer, & gas range.
Kitch table = approx. 2' x 3' minimum
It should also have a bathroom
I don't really need sleeping space for more than 2, but I guess I don't have a choice in that matter.
larger kitchen counters & fewer beds? etc. etc.

Am I correct in assuming that nobody here has heard of RV's with similar spec's as above?

Also, assuming such an RV were available, the next problem would be how to transport it to my house, & especially how to get it to the backyard & hook it up to gas, water & electricity.

Could a handyman do all this? Who to ask?

P.S. Would it matter if there's grass beneath it?
larger kitchen counters & fewer beds? etc. etc.

Are you sure you want an RV? Sounds like you might be happier with a mobile home, maybe a park model, or just a small 10 wide. There are lots of used ones around in various states of needing fixing, or even a new one is still a reasonable price.
larger kitchen counters & fewer beds? etc. etc.

A lot depends on where you are located.The state of NC has many used large trailers (30') and many singlewide Park models that were used as temporary housing during the flood of 2000.Many are located at Exit 106 off I-95 in Kenly and are open for inspection daily.You must bid on these units,but the going price is within your budget.Trasporting and setup is something you would have to do locally.


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larger kitchen counters & fewer beds? etc. etc.

I may have just just what you're looking for! The only thing is it's located in Anchorage, Alaska. This could be an advantage if you're interested in seeing this beautiful State and then driving it home. It runs perfectly. It is a 22 ft. 1979 Wolverine/Chevy chassis - It has a queen bed over the cab - gas range/cooktop - refrid/freezer - lots of cupboards and closet space - bathroom has sink with small medicine cabinet/mirror above. The table 30" X 38" - folds down in to a double bed for two adults. Countertop about 5-1/2 ft long with double stainless steel sink and range. Everything works fine - Carpeting has been totally replaced with good quality home carpet. If you're interested, please contact me at
larger kitchen counters & fewer beds? etc. etc.

I'm in NY state.

What's a singlewide park model? Is there a site anywhere depicting it (including a thorough view of kitchen?

Here is an [approximate] sample of the size kitchen I'd want:

However, besides roomy kitchen, all I need is a small sleep area & basic bathroom.

I don't need a living room.

Will, 30' is too big. I don't think I'd need more than 15' or 20' for the above (i.e. small toilet/sink at front, then 9' kitchen, then 8' sleep area at rear).

Are there any dealers who'd help me find the above & then transport it to my back yard? I guess a handyman can do the rest.

C Nash

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larger kitchen counters & fewer beds? etc. etc.

Hi yankso,
You wouldn't be trying to yank our legs on this would you:). Gonna be hard to find one that's not cramped in this size and there will be very little drawes and counter space but most this size you can sit on the john and shower at the same time. You should be able to find plenty good used units in this size. Hay, just get a storage building and build your own. Keep us posted

Chelse L. Nash
larger kitchen counters & fewer beds? etc. etc.

No, I'm serious about my requirements. No leg-pulling here. Think about it, why would I bother wasting my time with all the above specs, & with the kitchen link?

I wish someone in the know could direct me to even one website which includes clear shots of interiors, & also includes dimensions & prices.

I can't find any such sites. It's as if all dealers' sites omit the most basic vital details.