leaking foldout


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I have a 1998 Bantam Travelite by R-vision. The front foldout leaks in two spots from the top. I have put a new seal on the fold out and replaced the holddowns. Can not figure why water is still able to get in. I cover it while stored with a tarp and have no leaking. Any suggestions????




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Re: leaking foldout

Could the problem be in the canvas portion? It may be that you need to use a seam sealant such as is used on tents.


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RE: leaking foldout

No, it leaks from the top of the foldout. I have replaced the seal, but it still leaks from the top from two areas. This leaks to the canvas. I have tried recauking. It does not leak when covered with a tarp. very confused. Thanks for reply