Leaking shower

After a shower, I have been having trouble with standing water on the lower right hand corner of the floor outside of the shower. I have checked the piping for the hot and cold water and can't find any leaks. I have caulked around the base of the shower with no positive results. The only thing that I haven't checked is the drain pipe. You can't see it. Does anyone know how to gain access to the shower drain so that I can see if it is causing the leak. Type of trailer: 2004 Solaris Model T-2753 with queen sized bed, no bunks.
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"lower right hand corner of the floor" Wow! I'm not sure where that is except that it is on the floor.

My shower door holds water on top of the bottom frame in a channel. When the door opens, a lot of it will drain out on the floor as the door swings out.

Maybe that's your problem, too.
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I had a similar experience in my 5th Wheel. I found that water was running down the outside of the fiberglass shower wall and then running under the shower and across the floor where I could then see it on the floor. I solved the problem very easily as the water was leaking from inside the shower to the outside where I couldn't see it. First off I removed the hot & cold shower mixing fixture (chrome body with the hot & cold knobs) and then pulled it out about 2" . You will notice there is a hole for each of the water faucets (valves) and if there is not a good seal this is where the water from the shower head will run down into and then out onto the floor. Fill the holes with "Plumbers Putty", I also took Plumbers Putty and rolled it between my hands to form a long narrow rope like piece which I placed around the inside edge of the mixing valve chrome body. Carefully press the Chrome Body back into place and secure it. I forgot to mention that under the Chrome Body I had an inspection plate which could be unscrewed so I could get my hand behind the Chrome Body of the mixing valve to loosen the plastic nuts which hold it in place.
One word of warning, be careful you don't let the nuts slide down the hot and cold water lines, they would be a bear to try and get back up so you could refasten them in place!
Hope this helps, it sure did the trick for me.
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Thanks for the tips, Richard!

I'd suggest that a 'ring' of that plumber's putty around the hot and cold water lines could be the first thing to do to keep those nuts from sliding out of sight.

Unfortunately, the poster 'bigblitz' (like others) never came back to see if anyone had any wisdom to solve his problem with. His loss! :(


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Might even be the drain that is leaking some. If, when they installed it, they did not put the famous ring of PUTTY to seal the drain cover when the nut was tighted underneath, it will eventually leak. Just a thought...... ;) :) :bleh: