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I have a friend interested in leasing a travel trailier before he commits to buying-wants to make sure he likes it.

Does anyone know a dealer that does short or long term leases?

Thanks :)


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Re: Lease Trailer

A dealer who sells new units probably won't. Check the 'indepenants' (the all-brand used only places). We have one here which used to rent out at least some of their inventory several years ago. Don't know if they still do.

There are places which specialize in renting RVs, but perhaps they only do motorhomes.


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Re: Lease Trailer

In Tucson, AZ:

Pedata RV
4933 S Outlet Center Dr
(520) 623-6387

Their ad mentions 'rentals' so they might still do it.


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Re: Lease Trailer

check out American Dream Vacations

they work leasing deals for folks that want income from their RVs. They are in Texas and Okla.