Leaving Maine in January


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My wife and I are fairly experienced 5th wheelers, but we have never traveled in cold weather. We are planning to leave Maine in January and are wondering how to handle starting off with a winterized rig. We will probably be in cold weather for at least three days. Our 2002 Cougar claims to have a heated basement. Any advice??

Gary B

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Leaving Maine in January

Hi Cole, we leave Mn. in Dec or Jan, and what we do is take water (about 6 gals) in gatorade jugs, set the furnace at 70*F, no water in the fresh water tank, or water heater or lines, we use the bathroom and don't worry about the holding tanks, cause its going to be warm in Az. We usually put water in the fresh water tank in south Kansas or Tex, after checking the weather forecast. Has worked for us for 11 years. Good luck & happy trails GB

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C Nash

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Leaving Maine in January

Cole, we used our 2000 cougar in 18 above night time, 30s day time tempertures without any problem. Used a small electric heater inside and the furnace cut on and off at night. Only problem was the city water froze at faucett. No problem with any of the holding tanks, fresh water or lines.Did have problems with condensation. Hard to run exhaust fans in this kind of weather when showering.

Chelse L. Nash