Lemon Law in which state?


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I've made several mistakes as a new RV owner. Health issues necessitated a quick purchase of a Class A ('06 Pursuit by Georgie Boy) in Alaska, Nov. 05. It was made in Indiana & I am currently residing in Michigan. Numerous warranty-covered issues, plus more problems have occurred in these past few months. Which state's Lemon Laws would apply for this RV? Any advise and/or tips regarding this make & model RV would be greatly appreciated. It's been a nightmare thus far & I haven't even used it yet as an "unwinterized" rig...on travel for medical care for myself & 2 animals...oh, & travel to RV service centers for repairs! Thx - Kid


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Lemon Law in which state?

Georgie Boy used to be located in Edwardsburg, MI. Are you sure that the factory isn't still there? I would start by contacting them by visiting http://www.georgieboy.com/contact.html See if you can take it back to the factory as the best support comes in that way. It would seem that you made your purchase and then left the area of the dealer that you bought from, which can make things more difficult. We have had outstanding support from Gerogie Boy on our Cruise Master and they are one of the few manufacturers who will sell parts directly to the owner.

If you can't get it resolved, then it is probably the laws of Alaska that you will need to deal with, since that is where you made the purchase. You can find more information about lemon laws by visiting http://lemon.onecle.com/states/
Lemon Law in which state?

Kirk has good advice. The only thing I will add is this. It is my understanding that the lemon law is only good the first 18 months of ownership. If I am doing my math correctly, you are in the 18th month. That time period might vary from state to state. (I am going by VA.) Check that out also.