LeSharo problem


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I have a 1985 LeSharo turbo diesel, which just developed a problem. First the basics. I have ALWAYS used the exact replacement oil filter, the engine runs fine, does NOT run hot or loose antifreeze. THE PROBLEM...
There is oil EVERYWHERE under the hood. IT is DRIPPING oil after I drive. While driving I loose about a quart every half hour. At idle, it doesnt leak. I cannot for the LIFE of me see where the oil comes from! I get a LITTLE out from the oil cap, and once or twice the dipstick hes been pushed up an inch! BUT all the oil cant come from the dipstick hole! I have checked the vacuum coming from the turbo and it IS there, but it seems like there is too much rankcase pressure (just a guess).
Has ANYONE had a similar problem, and maybe steer me in the right direction???
rgginder@ yahoo.com