I have seen a few of these for sale in my area and was wondering what comments anyone might have about them,the 4cyl diesel engine sounds economical but how reliable is it? and can it go up a hill?

I think these were made by Winnebago prior to the Rialta,but were on a Renault chassis. A repairman told me they were economical but not very reliable,and he was having trouble getting parts.

Gary B

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Will is right, getting parts is almost impossble, and very very expensive, and they are unreliable, and horribly under powered. MHO stay away a long way away. :( :shy: :angry:

Ed H.

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The Renault power train is an "orphan" system in the U.S.. I seem to recall hearing about a kit that allows you to put a Chevy V-6 in them. I don't know how that effects fuel economy, but parts are far easier to come by.