Lets talk about caulking


So lets talk about all this different kinds of caulking. What should a person buy? I'm going nuts with all the different kinds! That was the only thing I could not do before I left, spent a little time fixing an area during my trip. But now I'm home and it's time to get it done. Can you just point me to the right stuff! Please
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Re: Lets talk about caulking

If you have, and I suspect you do, a rubber roof, you HAVE to use self leveling sealant. Do NOT use caulking from Wally World. You should be able get it from your local dealer. We sell it for about $8.00/tube.

You need to clean the roof and then go over all suspect areas.


Re: Lets talk about caulking

I agre with Ken ,, if u'r roof is rubber ,, self leveling ,, but if it's fiberglass ,, i use the dap ,, clear from HD ,,, :cool: ;)


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Re: Lets talk about caulking

Also, make sure that you select a caulk product that is approved for use on EDPM or rubber roofs. Not all of them are. If you select the wrong one it will damage the rubber material.


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Re: Lets talk about caulking

Why start a new thread..I have the same type of issue.

I have a 98 Winnebago Chieftan that I bought used to learn to RV with..she is in excellent condition...low miles..but has a dirty looking fiberglass roof. I also had an awning mishap at the Richmond NASCAR race..blew her right off while only denting the VERY EDGE of one piece of fiberglass roof just above the mount.

When I was looking I noticed the dent on the roof edge and the caulk that was there was "ripped away" due to the impact. I put a long bead of emergency RV roof sealant.

I have not had any real rain yet, and hope to have it in the shop tomorrow for a complete roof cleaning, repainting ( fiberglass...is this really a good idea? ) and caulk replacement. Is this a good idea or should I do it myself as a newbie..I see no current or past water damage, and I am now paranoid since I saw the crack in the caulk.

I see no real good articles on fiberglass roofs and caulking.