I recently noticed one of my neighbors who is a fellow RVer keeps his rig up off the ground while parked by utilizing the rigs hydraulic lifts. I asked him why he does this and he replied that it helps maintain the suspension and tires as well. I have never heard of this and can't find it in any of my RV books and this is not listed in my owners manual either? Can anyone comment on the good or bad concerning this idea?............Thanks..Doc!


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Re: levelers

Well, my lifts have a smooth metal finish exposed on the pistons when extended. And the manual says to lubricate them weekly in when extended in a normal environment and every few days near salt water. So I would imagine corrosion could be a problem, leading to ruined seals and lots of hassles.

For long term storage it probably would be good to take SOME of the weight off the tires and suspension, but I think I'd use jack stands or other non-mechanical means rather than anything which would be damaged or could collapse over time.
Re: levelers

No Doubt, those seals do go bad from that they are cheap but the labor is a bummer. The system will have to be bleeded too for hydraulics/air bubbles.