Leveling a Class C

I have a very aerodynamic, 22-foot Class C. It is so aerodynamic, that the front end of the RV is slightly lower than the rear. My favorite camp site is one that is slightly sloped, so that when I pull into it, the front of the RV will be a little up hill. That way, my fridge (and everything else in the RV) will be level. If I park in a LEVEL camp site, I always have to put some of my Lynx Levelers under the front tires to ensure that the RV is level. I know that the newer fridges don't have to be perfectly level, but I'm uncomfortable when the RV is off even an inch (I don't like doors that swing open by themselves, pencils that roll off the table, and pilot lights that are slightly missing the mark). I have also had to park in sites that are sloped in a downhill direction - a very difficult situation that requires that I might have to use up to 5 inches of Lynx Levelers. In that case, I'll back into the site instead! Does anyone have this kind of nuisance problem, and what do you do about it? Thanks from Maggie.
Leveling a Class C

Hi Maggie, I have a 27 ft class c and I purchased 2 small 8 ton hydraulic jacks with adjustible screw tops so it gives me plenty of adjustment.when off level I install them under the frame in frt or rear and adjust.(Be careful not to jack to high as to take tire off ground).This has worked great so far.Only time this is a pain is in the rain,otherwise not difficult to do. Happy motoring Steve :)
Leveling a Class C

Mstrtech, thanks for the tip. I have a very good RV tech who is going to check my RV before I head out on my first trip of the season next week. I'll tell him what you recommended. Some people install permanent, automatic levelers, but that adds a lot of weight to the RV - and is expensive.

How many inches can you raise your RV and still keep the tires on the ground?

Last summer, I camped at the KOA located outside the east entrance to Glacier National Park. The sites sloped so badly, that motorhomes in my assigned row were jacked up so much that their front tires were AT LEAST 8 inches off the ground. I returned to the office and asked for a more level site at the opposite end of the campground. It worked out fine, although I had to pull into the site rather than back in. Luckily, my electric cord and water hose could reach the outlets on the other side of the RV.