leveling jacks

Though the panel indicates all jacks have retracted, the front jack has not retracted completely. As a matter of fact, it remains lowered to the point where it could easily be torn off. A pry under the jack exerting upward pressure in concert with the retract motor must be used to get the jack elevated properly. What's the solution?
leveling jacks

Let us know what type of electric jacks your home has would be the place to start. Everything below is off the top of my head or foot :cool: .

Most take grease but it sounds like there may be a bigger problem than that with yours.
Look at the jack supporting bars and see if it has been left down and hit on something, (Mechanical damage :( ).
Get some one to operate the jack while you use an amp meter to check the amp loading. Check the amp loading on one that operates normally for a reference. The amps should go up when it gets to that certain stopping point if they don't your motor is dying :dead: .

Just a starting point for you.
leveling jacks

If they are HWH I have had the same problem. HWH said the jack it self could need rebuilding. It gets a rust ring on the inside of the cylinder and that stops it from returning all the way. The only thing that returns them are the springs. Hope this helps.
leveling jacks

I have the HWH system and my unit had been sitting for nearly 2 years.

The left front jack had issues at first - but I just started using them a few times and they came out of it.

They need to be used - but then there could be something wrong too. I know next to nothing about the system.

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leveling jacks

I had a similar problem with my HWH kickdown jacks last year. When I called HWH, they recommended leaving the power on to the leveling control system for several minutes--don't turn it off as soon as the jacks indicate retracted on the controller. In my case, the remaining jack then fully retracted, just slower than the other three.

So, try initiating the retracting process, and then leave power on for several minutes and see if this solves the problem for you.


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leveling jacks

quote:Though the panel indicates all jacks have retracted, the front jack has not retracted completely

It would be easier for most of us to help you if we knew just what you have. The way that you state the problem would lead me to think that you have a three point system? If so I would guess that it is the streight down type? Are they electric, or hydraulic? Do your jacks have a power up and down or just down and use springs to retract? And what make also that makes a lot of difference.

There are people on this BB who own pretty much every make of jack out there so there is a good chance that with more infotmation someone can help you.

Based upon what you are saying, it sounds to me as though what ever type of position sensor your jacks have, it is indicating that it is up, too soon and so if it is powered up, like the Big Foot system is, the power is removed too soon. If it is spring returned, there may not be an actual sensor for up, only for down. Some spring return sysetms indicate up as soon as the jack is no longer fully extended since the control system stops as soon as the downward pressure is released, it then assumes that the spring(s) will pull it to where it is supposed to be. The two systems work very differently.
leveling jacks

Hello to all, does anyone have experience, good or bad with placing hydraulic jacks on a class C motor home. We have a 29 foot Coachmen, Santara and would like to have them installed but need more imformation pro and con before spending that much money. Thank you for any imformation you may give us. Terry
leveling jacks

I wanted jacks in a bad way when we bought ours, but the dealer kept telling me we didn't need them. So I saved some money and actually they were correct. The MH doesn't move around much at all. I have to put something under the wheels if it isn't close to level, but hasn't proved to be any problem yet, compared to the cost of jacks. I don't think I would be without them on a class A. My vote is to save the several thousand. If it's a problem, then add them later. John H....
leveling jacks

Thanks kitfoxjh, our dealer told us the same thing, but my wife thinks we need them. Most of the time we go to the desert and can level with ease, but when we hit the mountians (3 weeks out of the year) leveling can be rough. Thanks again, Terry
leveling jacks

Had a similar problem with HWH jack after they had been down for about 6 mos. and it sometimes took 24 hrs to retract. Called HWH and they said try a coating of vaseline on the piston. Vaseline rejuvenated the Oring and it retracted perfectly after that first retraction which got the vaseline up to the O ring. Incidentally if you are ever in Iowa near their factory, stop by. They treat you like royalty and will go over your system making repairs usually at no charge even if out of warranty. They have hookups for overnite and treat you to a great lunch at the local diner. Great experience! :laugh: