Leveling jacks

I'm looking for some info on problems with leveling jacks. When jacks are retracted, and all appears ok, when vehicle transmission is engaged the jacks control panel lights up like a Christmas tree and an obnoxious beeping sound is emitted. If this is a regular problem, any idea how to fix. Also, how do you shut off the beeping? Seems to stump the dealer.
Leveling jacks

there has to be a sensor/switch problem, if you have dash lights that tell you jacks are down and you know there up. I would check each jack to see that the sensor/switch is working.each jack should have a switch that is opened/closed when the jack is retracted if the jack is not retracted all the way up, it may not be tripping the sensor/switch or one of the switches may be bad LEE
Leveling jacks

Many times a jack will not retract all the way due to weak springs or sometimes just dirt. Also wires to the sensor can be broken or the sensor itself can go bad. I would check your wires and make sure no large clumps of dirt are caught up in there.