Leveling Jacks

I am in the process of looking at diesel pusher motorhomes. The Kountry Star is one of those I have been looking at. They offer electric jacks as standard and HWH hydraulic jacks as an option. Which are better?

DL Rupper

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Re: Leveling Jacks

Hey Howard Janin, welcome to the forum. Most of the time optional equipment is the better product. I believe hydraulic jacks would be capable of lifting the Motorhome more easily. most of the big super duty Motorhomes that I have observed in the process of leveling have had the hydraulic jacks.
Re: Leveling Jacks

Thanks for the reply! The hydraulic jacks are the ones I see that are usually advertised but I guess I was just a little concerned with the possibility of more maintenance and leaks.
Re: Leveling Jacks

I have never heard of electric only jacks. I think they are all electric- hyd. the only differance is the brand. ( and of course which brand is better) I have HWH and the are the best. I have coachs with power gear and I don't like them as well. When I have had a problem or question with HWH they are right there with help.
Good luck