Leveling jacks

We have a 34' class A motorhome and are having a problem with our leveling jacks. My husband is currently living in the RV while we are waiting for our house to sell so that we can all move to the new location. He called me from the RV tonight and said that he thinks one of the leveling jacks is slipping. The back two jacks are fully extended and it seems that the back right one slipped slightly. Just enough to wake him up, but he can't really tell a difference in the level. The back wheels are off the ground and he has those plastic yellow wheel blocks under them (just in case). The camp site that he is in is pretty sloped. He checked the jacks and said that there seems to be some fluid pooled in the bottom of that one jack. Is this something that he should be concerned about, or is it just from the weight of the RV? Last week he had to break camp to go get more propane in the RV, and he did say that he had to re-extend that same jack so that he could get those yellow blocks out from under that one tire. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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It should not leak. Could be the jack or a connection or hose. See what is leaking and repair as needed. Good Luck


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No it should not leak and you should be able to check the fluid level at the pump assy. Also you dont want to run the jacks up to where the wheels are off the ground. Be better to drive the wheels up on blocks and than use the jack to finish the level. If he is not sure about the level get an EZLevel. They are great. Check them out on the net or at any camping world.