Ok what is the right way. Have a class A, DP should the front levelers come down first or the back. I know the back tires should be touching for braking purposes but what about the front tires. Also what is the best way to stop some of the rocking when setting up and finally should a coach need re-leveling after a certain amount of time after setup?

Thanks Bill

We too have a DP. The HWH system in the coach requires two jacks to go down at the same time. Ithink it is supposed to stop twisting of the frame. Start with the lowest side or end. 99% of the time (with us anyway) this will be the front of the coach when the airbags deflate for setup. I then work the other sides/end to steady the coach. I have a round centering level that tells me when we are right. Anything within half a bubble is acceptable in our case.
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