Levelling a Class C 29'


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We're real new to RVing, in fact we don't actually get our RV until next week Anyway, we're going to be using it in a dry area that is not very level by a long shot. There are no jacks built in to this unit. What would be the best way to get this level? Front/back...side/side... What would be the best thing to use? We're talking about up to 12" here

Any help would be appreciated!


Gary B

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Levelling a Class C 29'

Hi jordala1, I have several 2X12X12 that I use for leveling up to about 4" maybe 6" but I think 12" is too far too much, for that you would need ramps kind of like the oil change ones. You should have a pad large enough for both rear wheels to sit on ( just running one tire up on a block is not good or recomended by any tire mgf.) 2"X6" for the front tires is fine. what works best if you can locate them is cut offs of Lam beams(laminated beams) you can get these scraps from building contractors. welcome to rving hoping you have many good experinces. GB