Light 5th wheel

I have a Ford Ranger that I want to use to tow a 5th wheel (yes, it has tow package, 5spauto and 4.11 gears). I've seen some lite versions of various models out there.

Does anyone have any advice on these lightweights?



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Light 5th wheel

What is the engine in that pup? I had a lite Terry 5ver which only weighed about 6000 pounds (24.5 feet), and my 2500HD with 6.0 gas engine struggled to get up hills. Also, 5vers put a lot of their weight (10 to 20%) on the rear axel of the truck, which often exceeds the axel weight rating of smaller trucks.

If the truck has a tow package, then it should have a tow rating. Keep in mind that this rating is usually with no cargo or passangers in the truck, just a 150 pound driver and a bit of gas. Look for a trailer with a GVWR of equal to or less than the tow capacity of the truck, minus anything else you will carry in the truck.

You may find that a 5ver is just not practical. You may have to go with a tiny towable or some form of pop-up. If your reason for looking for a 5ver is the easier towing and hookup, check out the PullRite hitch which claims to make towing a trailer just like towing a 5ver.

Or you could just get a real truck :)
Light 5th wheel

It has a 4L V6 and is rated to tow 5900lb. I was thinking of something in the 4000lb range. It does tow a 3000lb trailer resonably well in our mountains.

I will look into the PullRite. You are right about the reason for the 5th wheel.

Someday I may get a 'real' truck. For now this is what I have. I may just stick with my 27ft class A for a while longer. It tows the Ranger just fine. :)