Light Weight Trailers? Which is best??

So many light weights too choose which one? What is the best "quality" light weight trailer?

Any one familiar with the Road Runner by Sun Valley? It's light but the quality doesn't seem to be there. Salem seems to be better quality but not as light. I have seen the Trail Manor on TV but not in person....HELP.

Any advise?


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Light Weight Trailers? Which is best??

That is a tough question without knowing what your tow vehicle make and size is. Once you know your towing/load capacity of your tow vehicle you can get a broad range of choices.
R-Vision makes a Trail-Lite and Trail-Cruiser in a 26'or less version, there are also others out there.


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Light Weight Trailers? Which is best??

From my recent shopping trips, I like the Trail light & the Palimino for very light units. I bought a Trail Bay, because the difference in how solid everything was built vs the weight penalty was worth it for us.
Light Weight Trailers? Which is best??

Does anyone know where I can get manuals and information on Palimono Pop-Up Campers. I just bought a 1996 Palimino Stallion but don't have any manuals for it.


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Light Weight Trailers? Which is best??

We have a 2003 Dutchman Lite that we purchased new. It has been great, built to specs as we ordered and tows well with our Powerstroke 3500HD. Have had no problems so far, knock wood, and excellent customer service from the dealer.. Indiain Valley, Souderton, PA. Good luck!!
P.S. We found this camper layout on the internet and the dealer at the local RV show...and got an excellent price to may want to check a few shows before buying!
Light Weight Trailers? Which is best??

Not qualified to say which one is best, however we are very happy with the salem we bought. It was the only one we found that satified my wifes floorplan wants & needs as well as my weight requirements. She wanted bunks for kids, slide-out for more living room space, and the 24 ft. models just felt too small inside. We found a 2004 salem T 26 with all the features we liked. It's 27 ft. and it only weighs 4200 lbs dry weight. The weight was important to me, as I only have an F-150 tow vehicle with a 4.6 liter V-8 (the small one), but it pulls this trailer as fast as I wanna go. :laugh: We are very pleased with it so far! Good luck to you in your search. Be patient and find the one you really like. Safe miles to ya!