Lights Dim inside

Hello everyone. Need advice.

I have a 06 36RLTS Cedar Creek Fifth Wheel and recently encountered an issue with my lights dimming about every few minutes inside and outside the unit for around 45 secs each time and go they go back to bright while plugged in at 50 amp service. This has happened at 3 different campgrounds we have been to and will do the same even while plugged in at home in the shop without anything on except for an icebox. I have turned everything off an still the same thing happens. Any ideas?
Re: Lights Dim inside

Hello and welcome to the forum.

You have a battery charger on your trailer. I don't know if Cedar Creek uses a converter or has a separate charger. Whatever you have, it is going bad. When your lights are bright the charger is sending 13 volts to the battery. When it is not charging, you have dim lights and that is the true charge in the battery. Eventually it will quit altogether.


Re: Lights Dim inside

I agree with GTS on the converter / battery charger ,, and i would like to add one more thing ,, since this is an ongoing problem ,, have u'r batteries load tested ,, u may have got them in a low level of charge ,,, but get the first thing fixed ,, first :approve:
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Thanks for the welcome aboard and your input.

I will check the converter and load test my batteries as well.