Does anyone have a suggestion on what kind of RV I could pick up for 15,000-16,000 that should not GVW of 5500 and could sleep 5-6 people (2 kids). I know I am asking alot.


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Are you sure your vehicle will really tow 5500 pounds? 1/2 ton pickups, which claim to be able to tow 7200 pounds in reality generally should be kept below 6000 pounds. So if the 5500 pounds is a dealer claim, there is a good chance it is inflated. From what I know of the Astro, I would not be surprised if it only can tow 4000 pounds, or even less, safely.

This is bad news from a travel trailer point of view. As is mentioned above, a pop-up may be your only choice.

As far as price, pop-ups are probably cheaper than travel trailers. In travel trailers, to get your price, you will probably need to buy used, or perhaps a new one which is 'last' year's model. For all practical purposes, you can treat a one year old model as a used trailer when bargaining for the price.