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I have a 97 country coach affinity on a Gillig chassis that i recently purchased. When i had it weighed before a trip it was 13,180lb on the front axle as weighed at a cat scales. The weight rating for this coach is 13,200 for the front axle. Since i was not in the coach when it was weighed, i would be over if i drove it. This coach had vertualy nothing in it except full fuel tanks and 1/2 tank of propane. It was in the winterized state...no water at all. We had minimal dishes in the galley and clothes in the bedroom closets. I am running 11R goodyears that are rated at 6610 which gives me 13,220 max load. I talked to country coach and they say i should have the ride height adjusted. I talked to truck frame and axle alignment and they say they could do it but it won't make any differance even if it was off. Does anyone have any experience with this issue? Is this normal with this coach? Aside from running with half tanks all of the time i don't see anything that i can reduce weight with except leaving ma home, and i don't think that one will fly. Any Ideas would be welcome.
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load rating

well, if your rear axel weight is well under its limits, you could add weight at the rear of the unit (behind the rear wheels, to leverage some of the weight off of the front wheels...

Also, look to see where the tanks, batteries and anything else heavy are, with an eye to moving or removing things.
load rating

Where are your water tanks located. Mine are behind the rear axle and when I load them up with 200 gallons of water the front weight decreases.
It is a cantilered load so every foot behind the pivot point, in this case the rear axle you multiply that deminsion by the weight and you come up with the load.

If your rear bumper is 6 feet behind th e axle and you add 100 pounds it would be the same as adding 600. So what hertig said is true this will definitely unload the front. Check the location of yur water tank first
load rating

Thank you for the information. I believe the water tank is just ahead of the rear axle but i will double check it to make sure. That is where the water bay is anyway. As you can see this coach is new to me....in fact it is the first one we have ever owned. We bought it in nov. of 2004. It seems to be a wonderful coach other than a few issues like this. A little more knowledge on my part would go a long way I am sure.
load rating

Well what I have found out is a little knowledge is learned everytime you take it out.

One thing, If you don't have a trip diary you ought to start one. Sure is nice to see what things cost and to look back on where you have been and what good things you encountered.
load rating

Thanks for the advice. I am going to have the ride height checked. Then i will fill it up with fuel and fresh water, empty it all out and go have it weighed again. That is the way country coach said it was weighed when it left the factory. One step at a time. Inch by Inch every things a cinch they say. I hope.
load rating

Well i had the ride height checked. i filled it up with fuel and water like country coach said. The weight then came out to 13,140lb on a 13,200 lb limit on the front axle. I had it all empty except for that. So i have to leave all the dishes and cloths and cleaning supplies home. Then i would have to lose 120lbs and leave ma home to drive it and be at the gross limit. lol. They said when they set it up like this it weighed in at 12,040 on the front. I smell something amiss. I know that i gained weight with age but not like this. 1100 lbs seams like a lot of weight gain for just a satilite dish and one solar panel. It sure does have a lot of real nice cabinets that i can't use. yes sir, real nice they are.