Location of converter and fuses

C Nash

Senior Member
Should be located close to where your power cord enters the rv. Know thats not any help. May be under a bed or a seat. I dont even think there is a generaly location unless someone has the exact year and model. Good luck and when you find it come back and post. I assume you having problems with it. Most have a fuse on thr back of them.


New Member
under the fridge? under the stove? under a bed. It for sure will be close to the floor and it will for sure be inside the trailer.

Jack Hall

New Member
Just so you know that it can be somewhere you did not think it would be- in my Holiday Rambler, it is on the opposite side of the trailer from the cord for shore power, and behind a cabinet door under a closet, I know this doesn't tell you where YOURS is, but it points out the need to look all over- even unlikely places.