Location Of VIN Number?

I bought a travel trailer in Yuma Az years ago. I don't know who the dealer is now or do I have any paper work on it. I bought the trailer and had it set in the yard. Lost the paperwork and license on the trailer.

I paid about $3000 for it at the time. I like to get rid of it now at least for a little money but I don't have any paperwork on it. I never did transfer title and/or lic the unit.

I can't find VIN or serial number on it either. AZ doesn't have any record of trailer in my name by search using my name. What do you think I should do. If I try to get title, won't I get stuck with state penalties... maybe I just need to give it away for scrap.

Anyone have any ideas?

Gary B

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Location Of VIN Number?

Hi ruffup, I would imagine that Az would want some monies and maybe a penalty. A local couple gave me a little 60's camping trailer a couple of years ago, it was about the same deal, they couldn't find any paper work, and I restored the trailer and was over every inch of it and never found a S/N, Vin, mfg, nothing, what I did when I finished it is applied for a homebuilt trailer tittle had to take 2 pictures of it filled out an appilcation pd sales tax on a declaired value, and after a couple of weeks they sent me a vin number and tittle and all was well. I don't know if Az has such a deal or not but it might be a way of doing it. Good luck :) :laugh: :cool: :approve: