Long Gutters/Extensions

Hey all:
This is the tips and tricks forum, so here is one.

Camco came out with gutter extensions a few months ago that clip on the standard gutter that all manufactures use. They extend the water runoff by about 2.5 inches. This really helps with black streaks.

Yesterday my salesman came in and told me they have come out with a replacement gutter that sticks out as far as the extension. Now it is one piece and not likely to come off while traveling.

I am sure your local dealers will be able to get them, but they may not know about it. I have the full gutters on order. I have the clip ons in stock. Both styles come 4 to a pack. You can contact me directly, if you want, and I will help you.
Long Gutters/Extensions

Hey Ken.I'm cheap.I use wooden clothespins :) But got to admit,the gutter ext.would look better.By the way I need to get a price from you on some of that Reliable cleaner?Can't find it around here.
Long Gutters/Extensions

On my Winnie Class C, the drip is right over the passenger door. (Sometimes Sallyberetta says the drip is driving!) I need to extend mine about 12" to 18". Any ideas?
Long Gutters/Extensions

Hey there, you mean you need to extend it OUT 12-18" or do you mean extend to the front of your coach. If that is the case, you can get the gutter material from a dealer. I have some in stock like my trailers have.

I have heard of taking a clear plastic soda bottle and slicing it lengthways making a long runner and then using some sort of glue to fasten it to the gutter. I don't know how well that would travel down the road though. Not very well I think.