Long term camping in Las Vegas

DL Rupper

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Re: Long term camping in Las Vegas

Hey deniloo, welcome to the forum. There are 3 or 4 RV parks out on Boulder Highway in the town of Henderson NV(15 mi South of Las Vegas) that have monthly or weekly rates. They are South of Sams Town Casino. Your best bet to find a good RV Park is to use the Trailer Life RV Directory. Hope you like HOT!!! Have fun.
Re: Long term camping in Las Vegas

Thanks for the info. I do like hot since we don't have much of that here in Michigan, but I do see that LV has been in the 100's for a few weeks now. I have the directory and have been looking but just wanted an experienced opinion. Husband has a job interview so........may be living in the 5th wheel for awhile. Thanks