Long term storage for a 5er

I am the new and proud owner of a '01, 34 Alpha Ideal 5th wheel. I would like to long term store it in my drive way. A friend, who has a heck of a lot more experience than me in 5th wheels, recommends against that because of the pitches in the driveway. The pitches are (1) a 5% 20' up slope from the street, the very top flattens, and (2) a 7% side slope beginning at the foot of the driveway that gradually flattens after 10'. My friend is concerned these pitches will unduely tweak the frame of the 5th wheel, not to mention the wear/tear putting it in there may do to the tow vehicle ('00 Ford 250 7.3).

I know diddly about this and would appreciate a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th opinion.


Tom Rogers

C Nash

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Long term storage for a 5er

Tom, will you have to back up the incline or pull. If you are pulling forward I don't see where it would hurt the ford 250. If it's an automatic and have to back it in might be a little strain. Don't think it will hurt the Alpha frame getting it in there but, would not want to leave stored on a 7% side slope. Dragging could be the biggest problem if your drive leaves a level street. Don't store the Alpha USE IT!!
Long term storage for a 5er

Good advice Chelse and I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately we have to sell the house first to full time using the fiver. (other than trips now and then) In fact planning one to the Oregon coast next week). Have to back it in.