Long Trip

Alright you guys, its my turn. Precious and I are getting ready to make our first long run from New Orleans to Vegas to see the PBR finals.

Got any suggestions of what I should do besides a spare can or two of diesel. I am going to change the belt and check the hoses and do a transmission oil change prior to hooking up.

Looking for suggestions from you ole foggies to keep this old foggie out of trouble :) :clown:

DL Rupper

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Re: Long Trip

Take it slow and easy. Do you have reservations out in Vegas. If not you need to call ahead. Busy time of the year out there. :)


RE: Long Trip

Be sure to have extra water onboard and also ck the tires ,, i know it's kinda newbie rv stuff ,, but u'll be suprised at what u know to ck but forget to ck...
Also be sure to ck all u'r lights ,,, i lived in New Mexico for a bit ,, and boy can the troopers get nasty about lights ,, i used to do a trip from NM to California every spring ,, to go to Disneyland ,, and the truckers were all saying on the CB to besure all u'r lights work.
I don't know how it is now since i have not been out west in 20 years ,, but u never know... ;) :)
Bty...hey DL what is the scent of the diesel fumes this go around :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
Sorry ,, just had to do that :)
Re: Long Trip

Yep got reservations. Thought DL had his rig repiped to take a slip stream of diesel into the cab so he could think straight :laugh: