looking for a good campsite

I live on Long Island and plan to take a trip south for a week or so with my dog. The plan is to find a beachside campsite where I can plant a test trailer and camp out there for a week. The problem I'm having is that none of the beaches seem to allow dogs off leash. My dog is a female german shepherd, she's good and obedient. If the place doesn't allow dogs, it kind of kills the whole thing for me.

Any suggestions? :question:


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Re: looking for a good campsite

Keep her on the leash and follow the law. Remember, others might be scared of a german shepherd, even though she may be the most gentle pet alive.....I doubt that you will find any campgrounds or beaches that allow pets off leashes. Keep trying and don't give up.

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Re: looking for a good campsite

Well you see the problem with a dog running free is the owner doesn't exactly know where little fido went to do his business. Therefore, the next unsuspecting person that comes along just happens to find fido's favorite spot and steps in it. Not fun. Or fido running free just happens to come across little aunt Lucy's miniature poodle and rips it a new ___hole. You are probably getting the picture why nobody wants your sweet little German Shepard running free in the campground or on the beach where every one is running around without shoes on. Heck I don't even like kids, other than my sweet little grand kids, running free, but some things we have to accept. Dogs running free, no.

So I guess the answer is take your problem to Canada. By the way, make sure you take all your dogs vaccination/shot records with you when you cross the border.


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Re: looking for a good campsite

Don't know about the dog restrictions, but I thoroughly enjoyed a week at the Winter Island park, just off the coast of Salem, MA. The beach and the campground are separate, but are within walking distance of each other.