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I'm just thinking about buying a motor home. The motor home that interests me is a Class A37 Airstream. It's about the size I want and it is nice looking from the photos I've seen. Can anyone give me any feedback on the quality of this model motor home and where I might be able to find one that is a couple of years old. Thank you.

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Re: looking for a motor home

Start by searching here in the search for rvs in the left upper corner. The Airstream is or the older models were good units but any make can be junk if it was not cared for and serviced. Photos can be deceiving so I would not buy on just them. Inspect, inspect, think, think, look and look so more and then decide. Airstreams did not have the room inside of other makes IMO but will probably have less drag which generally means a littlr more MPG. Good luck and welcome to the forum.
Re: looking for a motor home

Thank you for your reply. My husband and I are thinking about renting a motor home to see how we like it before purchasing one. Thanks again.


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Re: looking for a motor home

Airstream is not the company it once was. Wally Bynum sold the company years ago and it has had several owners since that time. There was a period of years in the late 80's and well into the 90's when they had very poor reviews and ratings. From what I read of late they do seem to be doing much better, as is true of most products of Thor Industries, who owns them now.
Re: looking for a motor home

i would check the consumers groups. we checked into all the makes before deciding on our Winnebago. it rated at or near the top in many of the listings. safety is your number one concern, then looks can come in later on....IMO