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My name is Michael and my wife Cheryl and I are considering full timing in about a year or so. We are looking for seasoned full timers to try and determine what things we need to know that may have not been thought of. We are from the Northeast and have lived in our Big Horn 36 foot fifth wheel seasonally for a few years now.

I owned and operated a trucking company for 20 years and drove tractor trailers around the country. So as far as the road travel is concerned I really have that covered. Also, the 2006 5th wheel is our fourth trailer so maintenance and operation of our rig is also not an issue.

But the issues of finding our way and meeting people along the way is what we are interested in. I know there are rallies and things of that sort, but we are looking to find travel friends to meet up with five or six times a year and share information on what amazing places we should head for.

We have talked about taking the plunge into this roaming lifestyle since we were kids( We met at 15 and married young) and look forward to getting out there. My hope is some seasoned full timers will share the mistakes they made and prevent us from making the same errors ourselves. We have always been amazed at the friendly people you meet while camping. It seems you can be in the strees filled hurry up impersonal world all day but when you pass through the gates of a campground it all fades away and complete strangers smile and wave. And everyone stops whatever they may be doing to help, advise, or just shoot the breeze like old friends. This is why we have always looked forward to one day full timing. Now that dream is soon to be realized.

Michael & Cheryl
Eastern CT


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You really dont need a pen pal to accomplish what you seek. Just spend a winter in the southern US and you will meet all kinds of friends. And hit the highways and byways and again you will meet all kinds of friends. As for being able to meet up with people its easier said than done. We have a couple in La that has traveled the US with us a time or two, we have wintered in La to spend time traveling their state with them, and they have been to our original state of Utah camping with us a time or two as well. But getting together as often as we would like does not always work out hey way we wish. We also have friends from Utah that we have wintered with in Az. Once you get out there, you will find many friends from all over the US. Good luck to ya and have fun traveling.