Looking for a small motor home SF area


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Hi, I' m from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I don’t know wether this is a good place to be on the net. But I have a wish for a close friend of mine. She will be visiting California with her 11- year-old daughter from July19 until August 17. She would love to travel around in the Californion area with a small motor home or camper. To hire a small camper is above here budget. She is so to say not a very well to do woman. With this special but a little expensive holiday she celebrates the primary school graduation of her daughter who will go to the gymnasium in the new school year. The wish is that somebody will lend out his or her small motor home to her in that period, July 19 until August 17. She could pay extra costs for insurance if needed. In return she can do some professional photo work. She is a highly recommended portrait photographer. The other offer is her house in Amsterdam. You could use her house for a week or so, in the autum or Christmas period. Or any other suggestion welcome. The house is close to the old city of Amsterdam.

I can truly say that Caecilia, the mother and Lotte the daughter are very serious and respectfull people. Caecilia is a well-trained driver off all sorts of vehicules. Somebody can make them very happy. Thank you very much.

For further details, please contact Robertjan Brouwer.