Looking for advice on type of tt to buy year round in Michigan


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Ok so in order to cut cost, my fiancé and I are planning on buying a tt and living in it for aprox 2 yrs in lower Michigan since my parents have 8 acres I can park it on rent free, only have to pay for the utilities and of coarse the tt payments. We currently have our eye on the keystone springdale 311. We love the open concept and huge living room space. My uncle was saying that I should find one with metal beams in the walls vs wood, and fiber glass vs aluminum outside. Also one with higher r values. Biggest problem is we have a limited budget and with the Springdale at 23000 our max is 25000 that we can afford. Seems like any thing with heated underbellys or better r value is 30000 plus.

So in short do you think that a Springdale can handle 2 Michigan winters decently well with the usual skirting it , and heat tape etc. or is it a bad investment ? Any other brands i should look into in that price range that have better features for winter?

Personnally, I dont thing the Springdale is equipped for Michigan winters, they are 3 season trailers. If you go to Keystone's website, they list the Springdale in the "Lower $" catagory. What they said, not me! Nothing wrong with them, just not designed for what your after.


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Have you looked at more top end TT or 5th wheels only used. So many are SSOOOOO very little used that you can not tell them from new. But would have some of the amenities one would like for the full time living, plus have more better heated and cooled space.