Looking for an new R.V which is the best brand??

[Chris] I am looking for a new R.V. Currently I am looking at THe Winnebego Adventurer and the Itasca Suncruiser dose anyone have any insite on other R.V&#039s or on theese 2? What to buy and why???
Thank you all in advance.
Looking for an new R.V which is the best brand??

[Jim M] Hi Chris: Your decision is indeed a tough one. As you probably know Winnebago has 2 lines, the Winnebago line where the Adventurer is made and the Itasca line where the Suncruiser is made. Some think that Itasca is the "lower" line while the Winnebago is the "high" line. It is hard to make such a distinction when you look at the two machines though. Look for things like solid wood, corian, marine style porcelain stool, and other appointments to differentiate the two. I own a Winnebago and do believe that they do a little better job in some areas of their construction methods and quality control, but like all coaches, you will have problems, especially, if you buy a new one. Winnebago does have a fiberglass roof and if you like that better than the rubber roof that most others offer, you should stick with the W brand. Bottom line is which coach floats your boat, if it does you can&#039t go wrong either way, if it doesn&#039t you are well advised to look around. I have a friend who has an Adventurer and he is very pleased with it, my wife and I have been in it a number of times and have noticed that it is appointed as well as some diesel pushers we have seen. I doubt that the Suncruiser is as nice, but it may be!
Looking for an new R.V which is the best brand??

[Will] Have a 2000 Suncruiser 35U w/~7000 miles. Had lots of "new machine" problems the first year (not too unusual), but it&#039s behaving itself now. Really LIKE this RV--nice layout, great electrical system (EMS works superbly), and in general like the Winnie/Itasca line. Still have a refueling problem that Ford/Winnie are "working on" (slow to get the last 1/4 tank of gas---must crank up the 2 jacks near the pump to fill the tank). Have had extra friendly and great support from local dealer (Virginia RV Sales). I&#039d do it again. G&#039luck!!