Looking for first RV....

I am hoping for all comments, suggestions, warnings, etc. re our first experience with an RV. Motor homes vs. travel trailers vs. fifth wheels. We live in Fla. but will go to Alaska with it since we used to live there. Not looking to rough it or live in luxury.
Just two of us and we will both drive, but neither of us know our way thru a mechanics toolshed. What did you all start with and what would you do differently? My husband asked me to start looking into this because he has never really wanted one. But we just completed a 17 day road trip and found that we kept bringing up the subject.
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Looking for first RV....

Hi hallbk, we started with a smaller 18' TT then a slide-in camper, a 24.5' Jayco tt it was a great trailer, we've had a couple of class A's 3 5er's a couple class c's and 4 differnent pickup campers, we like traveling with the pickup campers, but have enjoyed the class c's also they are good for traveling also, the 5er's and Class A's are better for longer stays( this is our opinions, not everones of course). We have driven to Alaska twice with our pickup camper and once with a 23' class c all of them great trips. I would recomend renting a Class C for a week or so and see how you like traveling that way and to see if you like the rving way. I only say class c because they are the most common type rented. Good luck. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
Looking for first RV....

Hi- We started with a used 24 ft class A and traded it in on a new 24 ft class C which we used for about 5 years. In 1991 we bought a new Roadtrek Popular (class B) and we still have it. It now has 135 K miles - all on trips - we never used it as a 2nd car. The class B was by far the best choice for the two of us - easy to drive and park - good gas mileage (15 mpg) - and it fits our travel style. We like to see the sights (usually a day or 2) and then move on. Our best trip was 41 days and 11000 miles to Alaska and the Yukon. Hope this helps.
Looking for first RV....

Hi,We started with a class c still like it, looking for a newer class c, very comfortable and if you stay at 26' to 28' I think you will like it too!
Looking for first RV....


We started with a pickup and a 13 foot trailer, moved up through several larger trailers and then moved to a motorhome. The motorhome really didn't suit us - I didn't like driving it, the maintenance on the chassis was very expensive and it was a hassle to break camp every time we wanted to go sightseeing. We've gone back to a pickup and a trailer, most recently a Ford F-350 Crew and a 26' Wilderness.

The best thing about the trailers was the fact I was able to make money or break even on every one of them when I sold 'em. I lost my shorts when I sold the motorhome - between the repairs and the depreciation on it we could have stayed in Hiltons for less money.


Looking for first RV....

We started with tent trailers. Although we have never been to Alaska I know the road used to be pretty rough. If that is still the case you might try what my parents did a few years ago. They bought a used conversion van for the trip, even though they owned a class A motorhome, and sold it when they got back so they wouldn't beat up the motorhome. Our tent trailers seemed to be able to hold up to rough roads but they sure bounced around a lot. We now have a 34' class A and I would hate to take it more than a few miles on rough roads. Hope you find something you will be happy with.