looking for info on Trail lite

We are thinking about moving up to a 31' Trail lite travel trailer and we are wondering if anyone out there had any useful info on that line. They look pretty nice from what we have seen but it would be nice to hear from someone who has personal experience with one of their products. we currently have a 29' Prowler Lynx.
Thanks in advance
looking for info on Trail lite

Flyboy1, We have a Trail-lite 29' MH. They are a far cry from top of the line, but compared to other models in the same price range they are OK. All RV's are subject to needing something in the way of small fixes from the factory. I would buy another Trail-lite product. By the way, do you fly? I've been a private pilot since '77. Good luck, John H....
looking for info on Trail lite

Hey thanks for the info. We are by no means unhappy with our Prowler but we have three kids and one grandson. the grandson is the only one that will go with us and we go anytime my wife has more than two days off in a row. We are trying to go larger with out buying a new truck right away and the trail lite seems to fit the bill.
Yes I am a pilot since 1982 I currently work at the Hernando County Airport for American aviation the identifier is BKV. stop in and see us