Looking for Private Rental for 4 or 6 berth


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I am looking for a private rental as I am bringing my family back to the US for a visit for 6 weeks, have been away about 8 years now. Want to show them the country what better way than a cross country trip in an RV. However do to my disappointment to rent an RV from a company is way out of our budget as we had quotes from $5000-$8000 and this is way out of our budget especially if you take into consideration fuel cost of about $3500 for the 9000 mile planned trip. So we are wondering if anyone out there knows of any site or maybe knows someone that privately rents out an RV. We are looking for a 4 or 6 berth for about 6 weeks 1 Sep 2010 - 6 Oct 2010. We are going to fly into LA on or about 28/29 Sep but send a few days in the area then pick up the RV on the 1st Sep then head out on our road trip. If anyone can please help us or guide us on where would be a good place to look it would be great. Thanks Wayne :)


RE: Looking for Private Rental for 4 or 6 berth

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