Looking for References

We are considering buying a 1999 Winnebago Vectra Grand Tour 37'and want to hear any feedback from current owners or those who have had experience with this model of coach. Please tell us if you think this model is of generally good quality or if you know of any recurring problems with them. We are also interested in the towing power, net cargo carrying capacity, and gas mileage. Are these sufficient for the average user if you have the 37' model with the Vortec 454 engine?

For those who have had Winnebago experience but not with this model, what do you think of the Winnebago structural design and overall quality for their other models? Thanks for your help.
Looking for References

I don't have any information for you, but am in the same boat as you. Imho, I think that the 1999 Grand Tour is a pretty decent rig, putting newer mh to shame for a lesser price. However, I too am wondering about the ability of the 454 to handle a 26K GVW chassis. Would you consider adding a Banks Powerpak to it to enhance what power it has? Good luck in your information hunt.
Looking for References

I don't know about the Banks systems yet. I've only been an RV'er for 2 months!

We couldn't get the price down enough on the Vectra, so we decided to buy a 98 Pace Arrow Vision 36" DSL instead. We really like it, and it has a 454. There's enough power for me so far, even climbing hills here in Oregon.

Good luck.