Looking for RV brands to stay away from.


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I’ve been reading a lot about different manufacturers of rv’s and so many seem to be the same with different names. I know I like the Tiffin, Newmar and Entegra models,Phoenix cruiser and coach house. But are there any brands to stay away from ? I’m sure there not all the same. Marc
My wife and are looking for a trailer to pull to Yellowstone (from Louisiana) we have no kids two dogs and we are looking for a travel trailer with a dry weight under 3500, and length under 21 ft if possible which brands should we avoid?

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I like my Monaco Safari Cheetah. But the workmanship was lousy. No cleanup, wires going nowhere, wrong size and/or type of fastener, etc. But they are about all the same. Built of light weight materials and using the same or similar components. And they we bounce them down the road. Things will break. If you can't fix alot of stuff yourself, you'll need a big pot o' cash. If you have neither, your $xxx,xxx RV will be a broken down worthless rig in a few years. Maybe I'd stay away from the early DEF models, regardless of manufacturer.