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I am trying to locate brochures or photos of a cobra travel trailer that was sold sometime in the 1970s: the discription is white exterior, and has tail lights and tail end that resemble that of 1963 Chevy Impala --the body around the tail lights is squared off, and is silver, and there is silver ornamentation that goes down part of the sides as well. This was a very uniquely and sleekly designed travel trailer that I can't seem to find on line anywhere. The family that owned one back in the day, only remembers that it was a cobra. Again, it had tail lights equaling 3 round lights in a row, on each side, embedded in silver ornamentation. My aim is to seek out one somewhere that I might can purchase.

C Nash

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Dab, I have searched and find nothing that fits your description. If you find it post a picture.