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Hi members,could someone help re info on an A Class Monaco 36ft 454 rear pusher ,dont see many on RV sites ,has anyone had one or got one and how are they and is there anything to look out for,also does anyone know who could fit a drivers door to same m/h around sacramento thanks Guy's kojak
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Hi Hertig,thats what i reckon but our laws here in australia state we have to have one,as we drive them other side of the road we need to exit on curb side ,the funny thing is we drive all our vehicles and get out on r/h side against the traffic,but they up in high places make laws that we dont Really need, hope this answers you advise,Thanks Gary


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Perhaps you should consider a Class C, which always has a usable driver's door. The ones which are based on big trucks rather than vans look particularly inviting to me.


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Hi Hertig, sorry i have been away ,as you say these have drivers doors , only thing is we love that a class,since then i have purchased a 1987 Monaco 36ft with 64000 mls top condition,it has a 454 rear engine and 3 speed trans, i will have to change trans to 700 O/D to try & get better fuel mileage, i will have to get a drivers door fitted while i am in USA, we are coming over in november to travel around, we purchased motorhome in sacramento so will travel across country and ship it out of east coast as shipping is cheaper to australia from the east,thanks for your reply kojak