Looking to sell Pop-up Camper


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Looking to sell our pop-up camper and move up to a 2005 Keystone Sprinter 303BHS, but need to sell the below listing for a down payment.
2001 Aspen Classic Camper
* White RTM Fiberglass Body (Resin Transfer Molding) for the ultimate in strength, precision tolerances and surface finish - both inside and out. And, hand lay-up, chopped fiberglass, smooth finish (inside & out), and great-looking appearance.
* Measures 4' wide x roughly 9' when closed up.
* Measures 6' x 13.5' in open position without the Add-A-Room.
* Large Front Living Room--Ceiling measures 7-1/2 ft in height at center, and the spacious 'front room' sports nearly 36 sq. ft. of floor space (approx 6' x 6') - ample room for table, chairs and plenty of space to make every travel experience a touring pleasure. Entire floor is 'pan-rolled' (2" seams rise 3" above the damp ground).
* Basement Level added to cargo body (utilizing space between main frame & highway).
* Two panoramic 9-ft. wide side windows in 'V-Peak' design for the most versatile use. 48" rear window and 50"-wide front entrance all total 78 sq. ft. of screening for maximum 'breeze-flow ventilation'. Dual-zipped storm panels are included on all screened windows for use in multiple directions, and all zippers are operated from inside the camper.
* Forward vertical wall incorporates 2"(w) x 6'(h) runner strips along outward vertical seams for a precision fit of the (optional) 81 sq. ft. Den.
* Spring-Loaded Rear Roof Bow for proper water shed over rear zippered window (kicks back wall on 'outward' pitch).
* Telescopic 'Bed-To-Ground' Supports to maintain level sleeping surface.
* Straight-Line Main Frame for maximum strength (no cuts or 'steps' in tongue).
* All telescopic tent bows are for ease of one person set-up, and superior performance in strong side winds.
* Internal aluminum 'arched' roof struts.
*Torflex suspension with high-speed bearings.
* 12" wheels, impressive 9" turn signals, 2-way locking cargo bay.
* King Size Bed.
* 4 Adjustable Stabilizer Jacks.
* Trailer Coupler for 1 7/8" Ball with Safety Chains.
* Storage Area Accessible without Setup.
gas cargo access lifts Support storage Area Access Cover.
Options Included:
* Added Safety Striping.
* Travel Cover (White) Zippered for Lawn Chair(s) or other items for ease of removal when traveling.
* Adjustable Cooler Rack with 36 qt Cooler with added Cooler Cover.
* Travel Bra to protect from stone or road debris.
* Chrome Rear light Bar with 7 Lights.
* The DEN (Add-A-Room) - for added camping comfort, this free-standing 81 sq. ft. 'Add-A-Room' measures 9'x 9'. It has two (2) 3' x 6' side windows and 60"-wide front entrance; Windows and door have dual-zipped screen windows and flaps. The DEN is designed to wrap around the front wall with the roof 'zipped' to the top peak zipper. Includes telescopic center pole and four (4) corner poles with stakes, guidelines and carrying bag. Folds into the same compact area of a small sleeping bag.
* Trailer Swivel Coupler.
* Chrome wheel up grade with Chrome Wheel Nuts and Center Cap.
* Spare Tire with Chrome Wheel.
* 6 Wire Trailer Plug Chrome.
* Window Awning Canopies (no ground stakes or guidelines required).
* Chrome Wheel Opening Trim.
* Portable travel Table.
* Tire Jack (can also help in leveling).
* Trailer Tongue Locks.
* Waterproof Registration Holder.
I have pulled this trailer with my Harley FLH Motorcycle these couple of years and it pulls great, it is small enough for motorcycle or large enough for a SUV (up to midsize). Superb handling at highway speeds; the majority of its weight hugs the ground, which means low center-of-gravity - great ride. One person setup in about 3 minutes.
Have pictures if interested, selling for $3895 getting a much larger trailer of 31', will continue storage for the winter until May 15, 2005 unless other arrangements are made, trailer is located in Bennington,NH. I can't ship this so it has to be picked up, roughly 9' long by 4' wide it can be put in a pickup truck for transportation with tailgate down weights about 300+ pounds. This is stored in the rear of the storage facility so it can't be gotten to until around then, and we also need to remove our camping gear stored in it.