Looking to ugrade from my tent !!!!!!!!

Hello all -
Soon to be first time RV'er. Looking to purchase a used 5th wheel. I have a 92 F150 2WD with a V8 5.0 engine. Does anyone out there have any suggestions on a manufacture/model to go with? I have read on some of the problems that Fleetwood has with their slide-outs. Are the seams leaking a common occurance with most
slide-outs? Im looking to purchase one no bigger than a 30 footer in the next year or two, want to do a bit of research first.
Looking to ugrade from my tent !!!!!!!!

Hi Thunderwolf,
See the advice to "Where in the World Do I Start?"
Best thing to do is read, shop, talk then decide. See the posts on the various forums on tow vehicles to see what is safe for you to pull, see the talk on hitches, see the talk on weights and balance at www.rv.org
Happy Shopping and Good Luck

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Looking to ugrade from my tent !!!!!!!!

Hi Thunderwolf,
I hate to rain on your parade but a F150 w/5.0 engine will not be adequate for any but the smallest 5th wheel trailers. 30ft is much too long and heavy, especially with a slide out. Make sure you do lots of research on weight limits for your truck, and for any prospective trailers. Most 5th wheel trailers are too heavy for a 1/2 ton truck - both in pin weight and overall weight. Also, a 5th wheel has a large frontal area that you must keep in mind for that 5.0L engine. Keep in mind that the published weight of a trailer or truck is the stripped down, bare bones vehicle. You have to add in the accessories such as microwave, propane, air conditioning, tools, water, food,etc. - you get the idea. I would insist that any used trailer I purchased be taken to the scale and weighed. CAT scales are easy to use and find. Here is a URL where you can find one near you.

As far as slide outs go, leaking is not a common occurance with most of them. We have had one for quite a few years and have had no problems.

Good luck in your search for an RV. Just make sure you do your homework first.

edit: Here is a discussion which lists quite a few 5th wheel trailers that can be towed by a 1/2 ton truck.

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Looking to ugrade from my tent !!!!!!!!

Hello again.

Fell off the face of the earth for a while there (new job) :) Well I got rid of the Ford and now have a 2001 Dodge 1500 4x4 not the 2500 I would have liked to have but hey, it's still a nice truck.
Thanks to those who replied :approve:
Looking to ugrade from my tent !!!!!!!!


I have a small 5th wheel I'm trying to sell. Want to get a Class A. I haul mine with a Chevy Silverado 1/2 ton, but it has the 350 (5.7L) engine and pulls it fine. It is a Catalina Lite. Gross weight is 6500#. Your Dodge should have the 360 if you intend on pulling a 5th wheel. If you have questions and want to contact me direct. kitfoxjh@floodcity.net